List of Fansided Journalists and Reporters

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Fansided Journalists

Top Fansided Authors, Journalists, and Publishers.
Author Name Designation EmailPublication
Cody Williams Senior
Howard Megdal
Matt Verderame Nfl
Caden Charpentier Independent
Aryanna Prasad Associate
Amy Kaplan Mma
Mat Issa
Wes Goldberg
Scott Rogust Staff
Eric Cole Mlb Staff
Kahrima Winston
Matthew Lauster
Lela Moore Freelance
Bayden Collins
Jakob Ashlin Nfl
Russell S. Baxter
Sravan Gannavarapu
Jonathan Lurensky Contributing
Michael Brakebill Contributing
Will Mccolly
Brad Berreman
Drew Koch
Michael Shearer
Noah Yingling
Frankie Licausi
Miranda Remaklus
Cory Mccartney
Brian Cook
Chad Porto
Rucker Haringey
Mike Phillips
Alec Arritola
Jason Reed
Nathan Cunningham E-commerce
Sam Peebles
Bryan Harvey
Michael Collins
Matthew Miranda
Joe Mullinax
Jordanna Clark
Raphael Garcia
Clemente Lisi
Ben Ladner
Matthew Razzano
Eric Treuden
Byron Smith
Richard Ferraina
Vishakha Deshpande
Bailey Caldwell
Lukas Petridis
Rich Kraetsch
Jake Griffith
Oliver Hunt
Zackery Rogers
Justin Carter
Michael Fisher
Karan Jain
Ethan Lee
Jack Mckenney
Tina Nguyen
Zachary Rotman
Robert Wheeler
David Salituro
Veronica Elizabeth Bruno
Dedrick Hendrix
Kyle Williams
David Smith
Luke Baquero
Jenn Hatfield
Max Mortenson
Roger Castillo
Marty Coleman
Suzanne Boswell
Jason Schandl
Marci Rubin
Maddie Mendelsohn
Nicholas Chiarito
Marvin Azrak
Hassan Ladiwala
Kyle Delaney
Andrew Tineo
Simon Shortt
Zach Pressnell
Nicholas Nathanson
Amaury Falt-brown
Robert Murray
Kate Beeden
Luke Anton
Josh Wilson
John Buhler
Rylie Smith
Alicia de Artola
Mark Powell
Kevin Henry
Jeremiah Janzen
Rodrigo Paredes
Josh Hill Content
Nicole Bosco
Scott Mitchell
Leocciano Callao
Adam Stocker
Harry Mac
Brad Weiss
Ian Levy
Abraham Gonzalez
Juan Manuel Sierra
Thomas Albano
Iain MacMillan
Adam Weinrib
Joseph Summers
Vinnie Portell
Brian Giuffra
Morgan Bridge
Zain Bando
Reed Wallach
Ryan Heckman
Nick Villano
Peter Dewey
Kristen Wong
Josh Yourish
Kinnu Singh
Matt Lo Cascio
Omaryan White
Kc Proctor
John Miceli
Morgan Jayne
Jason Cozad
Michael Derosa
Antonio Losada
Lior Lampert
Mike Luciano
John Frascella
Justin Bauerle
Christopher Kline
Josh Cornelissen
Jaleel Grandberry
Jonathan Shipley
Isabel Rodrigues
Jackie Powell
Holden Walters
Brian Geisinger
Jacob Rebb
Jake Foley
Brittany Frederick
Jasmyn Wimbish
Gerald Bourguet
Andrea Hangst
Back Classic Nba Podcast
Craig Williams
Patrick Schmidt
Savannah Leigh
Jake Oliver
Camila Servello
Griffin Youngs
Adam Fromal
Adam Patrick
Aidan Burns
Al Mac
Alan Carpenter
Alan Rubenstein
Alexandria Ingham
Alfred Ezman
Amanda Mullen
Andrew Hanlon
Andrew Hughes
Andrew Tessler
Astrit Halili
Austin Carroll
Aysha Ashley Househ
Braulio Perez
Brayden Ursel
Brenton Kemp
Bret Stuter
Bryce Olin
Byron Lafayette
Chadwick Hulse
Chip Rouse
Christian De Block
Chuck Wharton
Cody Schultz
Colin James
Colin Lynch
Collin Wieder
Coop Ledford
Dan Selcke
Daniel George
David Purcell
Derek Hryn
Devin Keller
Dustin Baker
Dylan Thompson
Eric Townsend
Faustino Felix
Geoffrey Knox
Gil Alcaraz
Hans Themistode
Jack Goodwin
Jack Simone
Jacob Roach
Jarrett Prendergast
Jasper Hutson
Jay Postrado
Jeff Miller
Jeremiah Bogan
Jeremy Klein
Jerry Trotta
Joe Chambers
Jon-michael Salter
Joseph Copeland
Justin Fried
Justin Morris
Kaleb Carter
Khari Demos
Kurt Mensching
Logan Lockhart
Luke Duffy
Mathis Gaglione
Matt Benedetto
Matt Conner
Matt Melton
Michael Castillo
Michael Marzzacco
Michele Schultz
Natalie Zamora
Nathaniel Williamson
Noah Magaro-George
Patrick Allen
Rebecca Mills
Richard Durante
Richard Eberwein
Richard Jelinek
Robbie DiPaola
Ryan Redding
Sabrina Reed
Salman Ali
Terrence Jordan
Thaddeus Brown
Sara Salamat
Thomas Carannante
Tony Camino
Tyler Dutton
Tyler Key
Tyler W. Watts
Veronica Bruno
Victoria Davis
Vincent Parise
Wade Wainio
Wilfred Laurence
Zach Jezioro
Ben Heisler