List of Fauquier Journalists and Reporters

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The Fauquier Times is a direct descendant of Warrenton’s original newspaper, the Palladium of Liberty, first published in 1817. In December 1905, the Fauquier Democrat printed its first issue, and in 1974 Arthur W.
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Fauquier Journalists

Top Fauquier Authors, Journalists, and Publishers.
Author Name EmailPublication
Meghan Mcintyre Virginia
Jill Palermo Times Staff
Sarah Vogelsong/virginia
Nathaniel Cline Virginia
Peter Cary Piedmont Journalism
Ashley Simpson Special To The Fauquier
Nathaniel Cline/virginia
Jill Palermo Fauquier Times Staff
Graham Moomaw/virginia
Betsy Burke Parker Special To The Fauquier
Charlie Paullin Virginia
Colleen Lamay Fauquier Times Staff
Colleen Lamay Fauquier Times Staff
Charlie Paullin/virginia
Shannon Clark Fauquier Times Staff
Cher Muzyk Times Staff
Graham Moomaw Virginia
Noelle Straub
Ryan Nadeau Capital News
Casey Quinlan Virginia
Sondra Anzalone Contributing
Grtaham Moomaw/virginia
Mackenzie Meleski Capital News
Anya Szerzenie Times Staff
Stephen Overman Virginia
Meghan Mcintyre/virginia
Gabriela De Camargo Gonçalves Capital News
Zachary Roth Virginia
Debra Smyers Special To The Fauquier
Samuel Britt Capital News
Sarah Vogelsong Virginia
Adrianne Lawrence Capital News
Cassandra Loper Capital News
Anya Sczerzenie Fauquier Times Staff
Cher Muzyk Fauquier Times Staff
Aimee O’grady Special To The Fauquier
John T. Toler Special To The Fauquier
Jill Palermo Fauquier Times
Jill Palermo
Leonard Shapiro Special To The Fauquier
Anya Sczerzenie Times Staff
Hunter Savery Fauquier Times Staff
Tim Henderson/virginia
Mark Gerchick Special To The Fauquier
Hunter Savery Times Staff
Vy Charlie Paullin/virginia
Danielle E. Gaines/virginia
Aaron Wright Special To The Fauquier
Jack Parry Special To The Fauquier
Jw Caterine/virginia
Sarah Vogelsong.virginia
Ariana Figueroa/virginia
Aaron Wright Piedmont Journalism
Matthew Proctor Fauquier Times Staff
Jennifer Shutt/virginia
Kaitlyn Mcmahon Capital News
Shannon Clark Times Staff
Byanya Sczerzenie Fauquier Times Staff
Graham Moonaw/virginia
Peter Brewington Fauquier Times Staff
Matt Proctor Fauquier Times
Sondra Anzalone Special To The Fauquier