List of France 24 Journalists and Reporters

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France 24, the international news channel, broadcasts 24/7 to 521.7 million households around the world in French, Arabic, English, and Spanish. France 24 gives a French perspective on global affairs through a network of 160 correspondents located in nearly every country.
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France 24 Journalists

Top France 24 Authors, Journalists, and Publishers.
Author Name Designation EmailPublication
Stéphanie Cheval
Leela Jacinto Senior
Annette Young Senior Journalist And
Genie Godula Senior Anchor And Executive
Georja Calvin-smith Presenter And Senior
Elena Volochine Senior
Delano D’souza Senior
Cyril Payen Senior
Sharon Gaffney
Catalina Marchant De Abreu
Grégoire Sauvage
Solange Mougin Broadcast
Justine Sagot Journalist
Yuka Royer Broadcast
Joanna YORK Web
Alison Sargent
Gavin Lee
Louise Dupont
Fatimata Wane
Mariamne Everett
Marc Daou
Jean-luc Mounier Journalist Editor And Editorial
Barbara Gabel Web
Romain Brunet
Sonia Ghezali
Paul Millar
Nicholas Rushworth
David Pinto
Gaëlle Fonseca Mobile Video
Mayssa Awad
Joanne Profeta
Marion Gaudin
Elitsa Gadeva
Gregor Thompson Digital
Olivier Bras
Natalia Mendoza
Antoine VÉdeilhÉ
Magdalena Chodownik
Carys Garland
Léa Delfolie
James Vasina
Cyrielle Cabot Web
Sonya Ciesnik
Lara Bullens
James Mulholland
Sébastian SEIBT
David RICH Editor/multimedia
Marjorie HACHE Presenter And Music
Jade LÉvin Broadcast
Monte Francis
Rochelle Ferguson-bouyahi Presenter And Broadcast
Joanna Cockerell
Shirli Sitbon Trilingual Journalist,
Sonia Baritello
Vedika Bahl
Mark Owen Presenter And
Emerald Maxwell Broadcast
Yi Song
Karina Chabour
Pavni Mittal
Anne Mailliet
Jonathan Walsh Grand
Julie Dungelhoeff Grand
Marie Schuster
Alexandra Renard Grand
Catherine Nicholson Europe
Eve Jackson Culture Editor And
Pauline Grand D'esnon Digital
Alessandro Xenos News Producer /
Romain Houeix Web
Benjamin Dodman Multimedia Editorial
Charles PELLEGRIN Morning Business
David GORMEZANO Deputy
Marc PERELMAN French Politics
Valérie Dekimpe Environment
Fraser Jackson Washington / White House
Arnaud Zajtman Permanent Bilingual
Fanny Allard East Coast
Gulliver Cragg
Nick Spicer
Marion Chaval
Florence Villeminot
Tom Wheeldon
Clovis Casali
Pascal Mourier
Jennifer Ben Brahim
Stuart Norval
Dheepthika Laurent
Emma Jones
Haxie Meyers-belkin
Lilia Blaise
Julien Chehida
Ethan Hajji
Julie Chouteau
Shahzaib Wahlah
Sophian Aubin
Laura Cambaud
Caroline BreniÈre
Sadia Rao
Natasha Li
Philip Turle
Thomas Paga
Thomas Waterhouse
Navodita Kumari
Rawad Taha
Caroline Clarkson
Herminia Fernandez
David Gilberg
Sophie Lamotte
Kate Thompson-gorry
Hervé Amoric
Sadia Mandjo
Aude Mazoue
Julien Sauvaget
France 24 (with Wires)
Nadia Bletry
Pascale Mariani
Angela Diffley
Aruna Popuri
Marcel Amoko
Louise Malnoy
Elie Saikali
Wassim Nasr
Ludovic De Foucaud
Nadia Massih
Caroline Dumay
Henrique Valadares
Etienne Bouche
Claire Paccalin
Erika Olavarria
Alix Le Bourdon
Johan Bodin
France 2
Jessica Le Masurier
Juliette Chaignon
Cyrille Charpentier
Pierrick Leurent
Constantin Simon
Lauren Bain Production
Jean-emile Jammine
Lou RomÉo
James Andre
Adel Gastel
Pauline Rouquette
Thomas Nicolon
Taline Oundjian
Charlotte Wilkins
Florence Gaillard
Andrew Hilliar
Laurence Cuvillier
Vivianne Wandera
Assiya Hamza
Céline Schmitt
Web News
Lou Kisiela
Shona Bhattacharyya
Mehdi Chebil
Pierre Ayad
Raïd Abu Zaideh
Katrine Lyngso
Sylvain Rousseau
Luke Shrago
Gwendoline Debono
Sam Ball
François PICARD
Julia Sieger Health & Tech
Magali Faure
Niagara Tonolli
Tony Michael Menga
Perrine Juan
Peter O'brien
Bryan Quinn
Antonia Kerrigan
Louis Chahuneau
Chloé Domat
Julia Courtois
Karim Yahiaoui
Camille Nedelec
Moïse Gomis
William Hilderbrandt
Bastien Renouil
Harold Girard
Carolyn Lamboley
Aurélie Bazzara-kibangula
Nadine Theron
Clément Di Roma
Juliette Laurain
Anna Kowalska
Elom Toble
Clarisse FortunÉ
Sarah Sakho
Khatya Chhor
Selina Sykes
Edouard Dropsy
Valérie Defert
Arnaud Guiguitant
Tiffany Fillon
Yona Helaoua
Mariam Pirzadeh
Julia Guggenheim
Catherine Norris Trent
Rebecca Martin
Maya Yataghene
Matthieu Comin
Marina Bertsch
Alexis Bregere
Ali Barada
Alyssa Caverley
Amin Guidara
Andrés Granadillo
Andres Suárez Jaramillo
Armelle Charrier
Audrey Racine
Aziza Nait Sibaha
Baptiste Fallevoz
Catherine Viette
Cécile Galluccio
Charli James
Christophe Dansette
Clémence Leboucher
Cath Norris-Trent
Cole Stangler
Dave Keating
Derek Thomson
Douglas Herbert
Dounia Nouar
Emmanuel Saint-Martin
Eve Irvine
Fernande van Tets
Francois Rihouay
Gloria Henriquez
Guillaume Guguen
Henrique Valadares Miranda
imed Bensaied
James Creedon
Javier Aliaga
Juliette Fievet
Justin Kabumba
Karam Mahjouba
Kathryn Stapley
Christophe Bauer
Laura Mousset
Lea Lucas
Mairead Dundas
Mamen Sala
Mandakini Gahlot
Marion Lory
Marjorie Paillon
Matias Arraez
Matt Hunt
Maya-Anaïs Yataghène
Meriem Amellal
Mukelwa Hlatshwayo
Nicole Trian
Myriam Mascarello
Oliver Farry
Olivia Bizot
Olivier Boulenc
Philip Crowther
Rachel Holman
Ramiro Cue Barberena
Rosa Pérez Masdeu
Sarah Jacob
Segolene Malterre
Sophie Gorman
Sophie Samaille
Stephanie Antoine
Stéphanie Trouillard
Stephen Carroll
Taoufik Mjaied
Thomas Baurez
Thomas Fenton
Tom Burges Watson
Tom Canetti
Valeriane Gauthier
Valerie Dekimpe
Mohammed Al-Khudairi
Roman Weeks
Sonia Ghizale