List of Fresno Bee Journalists and Reporters

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The Fresno Bee is the primary news source for the central San Joaquin Valley, covering a six-county area. The fast-growing San Joaquin Valley, anchored by Fresno as its largest city, is the #1 agricultural economy in the world. Centrally located, Fresno is the only city in the nation that serves as a gateway to three national parks: Yosemite, Kings Canyon, and Sequoia.
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Fresno Bee Journalists

Top Fresno Bee Authors, Journalists, and Publishers.
Author Name Designation EmailPublication
Linda Robertson Sports
David J. Neal
Lasherica Thornton Engagement
Aspen Pflughoeft
Jacqueline Pinedo
Robert Kuwada Sports
Bethany Clough
Mitchell Willetts Real-time News
Bryant-Jon Anteola Multimedia
Don Sweeney Newspaper
Mackenzie Shuman
Ari Plachta Climate
Tanasia Kenney National Real-time
Ty Vinson City
Julia Marnin National Real-time
Thaddeus Miller
TJ Macias National
Bailey Aldridge
Simone Jasper
Brendan Rascius National Real-time
Jeff Kleinman Consumer Team
Kaitlyn Alatidd Staff
Robert Rodriguez Staff
Anthony Galaviz Sports
Aspen Shumpert
Marcus D. Smith
The Sacramento Bee Editorial Board
Jenavieve Hatch
Melissa Montalvo
Howard Cohen
Carmen Kohlruss
Wes Venteicher
Tom Bolton
Mark Price
Stephen Hobbs
Hanh Truong
Sacramento Bee Staff
Annette Cary
Gillian Brassil
Mathew Miranda
Maddie Capron
Annemarie Dooling
Harriet Ramos
David Lightman
Randy Diamond
Alex Roarty
Brianna Vaccari
Abbie Lauten-scrivner
Lyn Riddle
Shawn Jansen
Fresno Bee Bot
Jason Pohl
Danielle Bergstrom
Joshua Tehee
David Caraccio
John Lynch
Tim Sheehan
Laura S. Diaz
Julianna Morano
Haley Velasco
The Sum
Cortlynn Stark
Mike Stunson
Dale Kasler
Andrew Sheeler
Mary Ramsey
Brianna Taylor
Daneilla Segura
Victor Patton
Ruth Pierce
Lindsey Holden
Becky Purser
Michelle Marchante
Omar Rodriguez Ortiz
Michelle Kaufman
Joan Chrissos
Madeleine List
Brooke Baitinger
Moira Ritter
Alison Cutler
Sam Stanton
Tess Riski
Theresa Clift
Helena Wegner
Paloma Chavez
Darrell Smith
Daniella Segura
Maggie Angst
Andrew Kuhn
Jim Guy
Yesenia Amaro
Kevin Valine
Chloe Jones
Kristen Johnson
Michael Wilner
Antonio Maria Delgado
Alex Muegge
Michael Mcgough
Martha Quillin
Dan Kane
Brian Gordon
Andrew Carter
Colleen Hammond
Tyler Dukes
Ryan Suppe
Mary Helen Moore
Josh Shaffer
Anna Johnson
Jacqueline Charles
Madeleine Marr
Ariane Lange
Kaytlyn Leslie
Maya Miller
Holly Riddle
Gregory Weaver
Irene Wright
Craig Kohlruss
Lewis Griswold
Dympna Ugwu-oju
Omar Shaikh Rashad
Hannah Lang
Matt Rexroad
Ryan Lillis
Juan Esparza Loera
Marijke Rowland
Christopher Leach
Erin Tracy
Kathe Tanner
Adam Echelman
Janet Patton
Karl Puckett
Phillip Reese
Miami Herald Staff Report
Anna Miller
María G. Ortiz-briones
Mona Moore
Nicole Blanchard
Bee Staff
Rosalio Ahumada
Eric Adler
Andres Viglucci
Brooke Cain
Vahe Gregorian
Daniel Desrochers
C. Isaiah Smalls Ii
Pete Grathoff
Sam Mcdowell
Devoun Cetoute
Joe Tarica
Lisa Gutierrez
Jeffrey S. Solochek
Ana Ceballos
Jared Gendron
Mac Engel
The Sacramento Bee
Sawsan Morrar
Angela Palermo
Mark Kreidler
Dennis Patton
Milena Malaver
Layan Abu Tarboush
Scott Watkins
Elizabeth Wilson
Savanna Smith
Syra Ortiz-blanes
Kevin Fixler
Evan Moore
Rachel Bluth
David A. Lieb
Noah Zelvis
The Sum News
Robert James
Vivienne Aguilar
Danielle Battaglia
Garth Stapley
Kori Suzuki
Joe Marusak
Meena Thiruvengadam
Patrick Mccreless
Alex Harris
Nicolas Rivero
Joe Davidson
Stephanie Zappelli
Iael Ben Schmuel Herz
Marek Warszawski
Ben Christopher
Chris Macias
La Abeja Staff
Aaron Mudd
Mary Ellen Klas
Sara Kassabian
Lois Henry
Janene Scully
Ashley A. Smith
Dalia Faheid
Anita Lee
Sarah Claire Mcdonald
Meredith Howard
Cathie Anderson
Dominique Williams
James Hartley
Ken Carlson
Nora Gámez Torres
Laura Dickinson
Grethel Aguila
Jay Weaver
Matt Disanto
Benjy Egel
Samantha Young
Taylor Six
Molly Jarone
Jeremy Chisenhall
Tessa Duvall
Karla Wa
David Catanese
Austin Horn
Kynala Phillips
Jonathan Shorman
Stephanie Stephens
Michael Burke
Robert Rodriguez`
Anthony Chiang
Jason Dill
David Goodhue
Rebecca Plevin
Robert A. Cronkleton
Anna Spoerre
Mike Hendricks
Shawn Jansenq
John Clay
Lindsay Smith
Nicole Lopez
Brian Simms
Cameron Drummond
Monica Kast
Eric Paul Zamora
Daniel Hunt
The Fresno Bee
Lisa Vernon Sparks
John Fitzrandolph
Patricia Garcia
John Holland
Margaret Baker
Ahad Waseem
Trisha Garcia
Ana Ceb
Angela Hart
David Wilson
Barry Jackson
Sarah Blaskey
John Esparza
Diana Lambert
Lucy Peterson
Aaron Leibowitz
Kacen Bayless
Jose Iglesias
Matias Ocner
Alyssa Johnson
Théoden Janes
Angela Rodriguez
Hannah Shields
Trisha Easto
Henry Jost
Grace Scullion
Ellie Lin
Jason Anderson
David Middlecamp
Laura Dickins
Cory Mccoy
Don Thompson
Caralin Nunes
Bernard J. Wolfson
Hamera Shabbir
Sonora Slater
Max Greenwood
Samson Zhang
Fresno Bee Staff
Jordan B. Darling
Bernard Wolfson
Megan Cardona
Olivia Lloyd
Ben Wieder
Chelsea Madden
Ethan Baron
Pat Clark
Shaanth Kodialam
Alie Skowronski
Joe Rubin
Douglas Hanks
Jennifer Rodriguez
Miami Herald Staff
Kaley Johnson
Joey Flechas
Jesse Newell
Blair Kerkhoff
Gregg Bell
Alex Zietlow
Clarence E. Hill Jr.
David Ammenheuser
Lawrence Dow
Mike Kaye
Makiya Seminera
Harris Meyer
Erik Galicia
Harrison Mantas
Ishani Desai
Bill Endicott
Ian Max Stevenson
Kristine Sherred
Lauren Liebhaber
Julia Daye
Julie K. Brown
Brittany Wallman
Cody Copeland
Kate Linderman
Owen Lavine
Daniel Oyefusi
Gary Bedore
Joe Kieta
Marianne Binetti
Judith Graham
Ryan Sabalow
Kimberly Cataudella
Mary Perez
Alyse Messmer-smith
Kevin V. Nguyen
Ryan Saba
Sjv Water
Jesse Vad
Natalie Anderson
Shaun Goodwin
Jenni Camhi
David Ovalle
Ian Stevenson
Douglas R. Clifford
Trevor Morgan
Jamila Khan
Leqi Zhong
Madison Hricik
Trisha Garcia-easto
Sarah Linn
Michael Stavola
David Montesino
Matt Leclercq
Joshua Bessex
Kori Skillman
Kallie Cox
Sara Coello
Josh Gohlke
Jordan Rodriguez
Sally Krutzig
Neil Havlik
Eartha A. Terrell
Craig Sailor
Jennifer Molina
Isaac Stanley-becker
Drew Harwell
Adam Benson
Dj Simmons
Vique Martinez
Elizabeth Claire Alberts
Natalie Wallington
Sarah Haselhorst
Andrew Fiala
Christopher Kirkpatrick
David Carr
John Walker
Laura Diaz
Matthew R. Lloyd
Roger George
Tad Weber