List of Nature Journalists and Reporters

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Nature is here to serve the research community by publishing its most significant discoveries—findings that advance knowledge and address some of the greatest challenges that we face as a society today. Our journals publish not only primary research but also reviews, critical comment, news, and analysis.
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Nature Journalists

Top Nature Authors, Journalists, and Publishers.
Author Name Designation EmailPublication
Valerie Greenwood et al. Author
Peter J. Anderson Author
Jack Dutton Author
Lourdes Ibáñez
Thomas E. Decoursey
Holly Else
Melissa Flagg
Martin Wainstein
Matthew Hutson
François Lignières
Glen Engel-cox
Keiji Tanaka
Dean W. Felsher
Zhiqiang Liu
Fernando Lopez-rios
John Tregoning
Emiliano Trucchi
Rajendra A. Morey
Chuanxin Wang
Tracey J. Woodruff
Emanuele Boselli
Guillermo Nevot
Sungchul Hohng
William S. B. Yeung
Laura M. Heiser
Tomoki Matsuda
Laurent Bartholin
Hans Michael Maric
Fangwei Wang Et Al.
Gregory H. Underhill
Xianlin Han
Federico Sesti
Lisa Heinke
Ian Fyfe
Frédéric Chibon
Bin Huang
Eleni Kotsiliti
Natalie G. Barnes
Vijay Shankar Balakrishnan
Riku Lähteenmäki
Joshua F. Dean
R. Steven Nerem
Wei Gong
Tomas Edvinsson
Anju Shukla
Frederik V. Seersholm Et Al.
Yahyah Aman
Jin Jiang
Erik P. Sulman
Jinghe Huang
Harry L. A. Janssen
Masanori Nakae Et Al.
Iraida V. Carrion Et Al.
Michael Petrides
Caroline Tapparel
Chien-te Wu
Gilbert Nakweya
James Mitchell Crow
Adriana Galván
Benjamin List
Tim Caro
Arantxa Tabernero
Xiaoyuan Wang
Daryl J. V. David
Melina Casadio
Shannon Mckinney-freeman
Job Dekker
Jorge Ferrer
Sarah Lemprière
Karani Santhanakrishnan Vimaleswaran
Mohsen Ghanbari
Philip Ball
Patricio Grassini
Degol Hailu
T. Van Laar
Haiyuan Yu
Ilaria Testa
Pascal Falter-braun
Patrick D. Hsu
Jimena Giudice
David A. Goukassian
Ryota Kanai
Vivek R. Nerurkar
Hadir Marei Et Al.
Won Chan Hwang Et Al.
Yin Zhang Et Al.
Dongni Shi Et Al.
Anna Díez-villanueva Et Al.
Dyani Lewis
David Dupret
Tie-lin Yang
Mark M. Churchland
Fengfeng Bei
Faisal Mahmood
Ji Y. Sze
Frank C. Schroeder
Juan G. Rubalcaba
Jinghong Li
Matthew A. Birk
Philippe Ciais
Scott Jeen
Tomislav Rovis
Peter S. Liss
Simon Hodson
Thomas Schaubroeck
Peter K. A. Turkson
Sidi Chen
Donghui Zhang
Wei Li
Chaojun Li
Raghavendra Palankar
Nicola Jones
Jay R. Lieberman
Xugang Guo
Célestine Atyame
Rahul Rao
Feng Li
Zhijian Cai
Huimin Yan
George P. Souroullas
Kerong Dai
Ola Nilsson
Walter Hunziker
Julien Baruteau
Alexandra P. Marques
Glyn Stacey
Atta Behfar
Sara Reardon
Meixiao Zhan
Lei Li
Smriti Mallapaty
Lin-fa Wang
Stephen D. Bentley
Jeanette Erdmann
Michele Catanzaro
Juan Pablo Alperin
Rachelle Wright
Shinji Saitoh
Rupesh Dash
Heinz-Josef Lenz
Azadeh Nasrazadani Et Al.
Sandra Tietscher Et Al.
Foluso O. Ademuyiwa Et Al.
Sarah Lehle Et Al.
Xiao-qing Xie Et Al.
Chakravarthy Garlapati Et Al.
Yael Aylon Et Al.
Gloria V. Echeverria Et Al.
Nabilah Ibnat Et Al.
Wenjun Shao Et Al.
Nathalie A. Hottat Et Al.
Caleb Gonzalez Et Al.
Julia M. Houthuijzen Et Al.
Alexander S. Roesler Et Al.
D. Gareth Evans Et Al.
Zhaoze Guo Et Al.
Xinwei Liu Et Al.
R. C. Coombes Et Al.
Priya Jayachandran Et Al.
Dan Zhao Et Al.
Jean Ogier Du Terrail Et Al.
Zijian Zhou Et Al.
Yong-han Su Et Al.
S. M. Nashir Udden Et Al.
Xiaoli Ren Et Al.
Justin Stebbing Et Al.
Xue Yang Et Al.
Anna-lisa Doebley Et Al.
Giuseppe Curigliano Et Al.
Giancarlo Pruneri Et Al.
Wenna Shao Et Al.
Steve Cygu Et Al.
Sheetal Parida Et Al.
Elena Di Nisio Et Al.
Rita Canas-marques Et Al.
Irene Bertolini Et Al.
Zhi Huang Et Al.
Gisella Figlioli Et Al.
Michela Londero Et Al.
Huai-liang Wu Et Al.
Michele Bottosso Et Al.
Wonkwang Jo Et Al.
Depeng Wang Et Al.
Sunil S. Badve
Kohei Kumegawa Et Al.
Qin Wang Et Al.
Cyrinne Achour Et Al.
Darshini Kuruppu Et Al.
Patricia Altea-manzano Et Al.
Tommaso De Marchi Et Al.
Arthur Foulon Et Al.
Carlota Castro-espin Et Al.
Seogho Son Et Al.
Jinzhu Han Et Al.
Ryuichiro Hirano Et Al.
Maria Vittoria Dieci Et Al.
Karen Geoffroy Et Al.
Poshan Yugal Bhattarai Et Al.
Indranil Paul Et Al.
Hassan Yousefi Et Al.
Juan Luo Et Al.
Yinghuan Cen Et Al.
A. Howell Et Al.
Marte C. Liefaard Et Al.
Zhao Yao Et Al.
Danrong Ye Et Al.
Véronique Debien Et Al.
Yiwei Tong Et Al.
M. Kröz Et Al.
Asmaa Samy Et Al.
Xiaomei Zhang Et Al.
Mokryun L. Baek Et Al.
André Franken Et Al.
Cong Chen Et Al.
Rachel Lloyd Et Al.
Jie Qi Et Al.
Florian Martinet-kosinski Et Al.
Peter Sidaway
Sonia Brahim Et Al.
Marwa M. Abu-serie Et Al.
Shayin V. Gibson Et Al.
Tugba Akin Duman Et Al.
Hongying Zhao Et Al.
Kavon Karrobi Et Al.
Jiamin Guo Et Al.
Anne-sophie Hamy Et Al.
Shane R. Stecklein Et Al.
Christoph Mamot Et Al.
Hongmin Cai Et Al.
Yana Lv Et Al.
Jinfeng Bai Et Al.
Lili Yang Et Al.
Nikhilanand Arya Et Al.
Fengen Liu Et Al.
Shivangi Yadav Et Al.
Kevin Nee Et Al.
Frances K. Turrell Et Al.
D. Bello Roufai Et Al.
Ammara Abdullah Et Al.
Guo-tian Ruan Et Al.
Cody Ramin Et Al.
Elisa Agostinetto Et Al.
Ahmed M. Alaa Et Al.
Shona M. Kerr Et Al.
Xixi Kong Et Al.
Sayali Onkar Et Al.
Indiara Brusco Et Al.
Zoé Tharin Et Al.
Xiuwen Guan Et Al.
Michèle Beniey Et Al.
Eva M. Flores Et Al.
Feier Zeng Et Al.
Albert Grinshpun Et Al.
Tianyu Zhang Et Al.
Lei Liu Et Al.
Guang-yi Sun Et Al.
Misuzu Fujita Et Al.
Yin Liu Et Al.
Woo-yong Park Et Al.
Gabrielle Brewer
Mashael Algethami Et Al.
Ryoko Semba Et Al.
P. Manikandan Et Al.
Xiaoxiang Sun Et Al.
Mikhail G. Dozmorov Et Al.
J.-s. Frenel Et Al.
Marianne Vogsen Et Al.
Ling Li Et Al.
Rima Patel Et Al.
Brian G. Hunt Et Al.
Jens Huober Et Al.
Petra Ter Brugge Et Al.
Leonie Voorwerk Et Al.
Hemaasri-neya Girithar Et Al.
Erna Marija Meškytė Et Al.
Iqbal Mahmud Et Al.
Jia Feng Et Al.
Julia D. Ransohoff Et Al.
Lixin Wang Et Al.
Frederick M. Howard Et Al.
Cai-jin Lin Et Al.
Thomas R. Cox Et Al.
Emma Zattarin Et Al.
Jian Zhang Et Al.
Fengzhu Guo Et Al.
Xin-yu He Et Al.
Eleonora Malavasi Et Al.
Kexin Ding Et Al.
Danyang Zhou Et Al.
Jing Bi Et Al.
Dan Zhang Et Al.
Jubina Balan Venghateri Et Al.
Felicity Tournant
Mehri H. Pourasl Et Al.
Stanislav Drapela Et Al.
Jieqiong Zhang Et Al.
Francesco Schettini Et Al.
Konstantina Kourou Et Al.
Anthony Bergeron Et Al.
Steven W. Wall Et Al.
Micaela Giani Et Al.
J. Lluch-gómez Et Al.
Qiuyao Wu Et Al.
Jiawen Bu Et Al.
Mattias Hammarström Et Al.
Yuan Tian Et Al.
Jincong Q. Freeman Et Al.
Kathleen Watt Et Al.
Julia Foldi Et Al.
Albertas Navickas Et Al.
Ying Zhu Et Al.
Mostafa A. Aboouf Et Al.
Ziyan Yang Et Al.
Yan Zeng Et Al.
Abdul K. Siraj Et Al.
Kyle Ford Et Al.
Bruce Culbertson Et Al.
Vincenzo Salemme Et Al.
Taru A. Muranen Et Al.
Kristina A. Fanucci Et Al.
Brendan T. Graff Et Al.
Jan Henkel Et Al.
Daniela Senft
Juliane Sachsenweger Et Al.
Jake June-koo Lee Et Al.
Yuli Chen Et Al.
Teizo Yoshimura Et Al.
Anthony D. Elias Et Al.
Sonia Muliyil
Carmela Caballero Et Al.
Lifang Li Et Al.
Delaram J. Ghadimi Et Al.
Stefania Morganti Et Al.
Lorna Mcwilliams Et Al.
Alexander J. Trevarton Et Al.
Foad Rommasi
Nanna Bæk Møller Et Al.
Mariusz Shrestha Et Al.
Pravat Kumar Parida Et Al.
Karim Taouis Et Al.
Vera Sorin Et Al.
Isabel Tundidor Et Al.
Lili Chen Et Al.
Stefania Belli Et Al.
M.-b. Jensen Et Al.
Delong Meng Et Al.
Ana C. Garrido-castro Et Al.
Ofer Rotem Et Al.
Sung-soo Kim Et Al.
Nobuhiro Okada Et Al.
Pierrick Gouel Et Al.
Yoshitaka Saito Et Al.
Luca Licata Et Al.
Cristian Sarpe Et Al.
Sarah B. Gosling Et Al.
Jennifer K. Y. Ko Et Al.
Guillaume Médard Et Al.
Jose Silva Et Al.
Connor Stashko Et Al.
Dong-joo Shin Et Al.
Kyoungmin Lee Et Al.
David B. Page Et Al.
G. P. Coló Et Al.
Luke A. Greenhough Et Al.
Silje Kjølle Et Al.
Tao Huang Et Al.
Xiong Liu Et Al.
Alexandra Thomas Et Al.
Nina Sophia Decker Et Al.
Yuxing Wang Et Al.
Xiuqun Zou Et Al.
Brandon J. Metge Et Al.
Cong Li Et Al.
Han Liu Et Al.
Rakesh Kumar Sharma Et Al.
Lorenz A. Kapsner Et Al.
Rena Emond Et Al.
Shan-ying Wang Et Al.
Yuzhu Qi Et Al.
Geng-xi Cai Et Al.
Minh Quang Duong Et Al.
Jianchun Wu Et Al.
Ji-yeon Kim Et Al.
Anfei Liu Et Al.
Takae Brewer Et Al.
Byeongsan Lee Et Al.
Jing Zhou Et Al.
Ayan Chanda Et Al.
Yan Ding Et Al.
Jing Yu Et Al.
Melinda Magna Et Al.
Noortje Verschoor Et Al.
Rania El-botty Et Al.
Yiran Liang Et Al.
Yan He Et Al.
Weiwei Lai Et Al.
Giovanni Corso Et Al.
Zhe Jiang Et Al.
Carlo Palmieri Et Al.
Mireia Pujals Et Al.
Kwang Bin Yang Et Al.
Ha-linh Nguyen Et Al.
Yixian Chen Et Al.
Fernanda Mosele Et Al.
R. Charles Coombes Et Al.
Tatiana Lopatina Et Al.
Yandi Sun Et Al.
Giovanna Chiorino Et Al.
Fangzhou Ye Et Al.
Siji Zhu Et Al.
Lijuan Guo Et Al.
B. Trevisan Et Al.
Nicola Gaynor Et Al.
Zheng Li Et Al.
Man Yang Et Al.
Shijie Wei Et Al.
Bin Xu Et Al.
Hui Lyu Et Al.
Sujan Kumar Mondal Et Al.
Marian Kalocsay Et Al.
Lorna Hopcroft Et Al.
Sanne M. Buijs Et Al.
Yuqi Dou Et Al.
Agnieszka Pierzynska-mach Et Al.
Beatriz Piñeiro-lamas Et Al.
Jing Wang Et Al.
Jocelyn Lippey Et Al.
Luiza Steffens Reinhardt Et Al.
Ying Sun Et Al.
Karen O’leary
Yu Wang Et Al.
Ming Zhao Et Al.
Ramu Anandakrishnan Et Al.
Fatima Nari Et Al.
Hae-yun Jung Et Al.
Libo Zhang Et Al.
Jeremy Setton Et Al.
Naomi Wilcox Et Al.
Alexandre De Moura Et Al.
Pornsuda Chawengrum Et Al.
Carlos Luan A. Passos Et Al.
Paul E. Hanna Et Al.
Liye Wang Et Al.
Shona Nag Et Al.
Claudia Galassi Et Al.
Lei-jie Dai Et Al.
Yong Hu Et Al.
Chenxi Ju Et Al.
Maryam Ghaderi Najafabadi Et Al.
Jingyuan Li Et Al.
Sangjoon Choi Et Al.
Rickard Strandberg Et Al.
Mengshi Zhou Et Al.
Sandhya Chipurupalli Et Al.
Claire Keun Sun Park Et Al.
Fabiola Giudici Et Al.
Yuehan Wang Et Al.
Agnieszka K. Witkiewicz Et Al.
Zinab O. Doha Et Al.
Shu Chen Et Al.
Brijesh Kumar Et Al.
Yiqing Yan Et Al.
Qianqian Guo Et Al.
Russell Z. Kunes Et Al.
Jennifer L. Mccann Et Al.
Yuxi Yang Et Al.
N. M. Atallah Et Al.
Holly A. Byers Et Al.
Ganesh Kumar Barik Et Al.
Sofian Al Shboul Et Al.
Melissa Ruth Gannon Et Al.
Cyril Voyant Et Al.
Chenwei Lin Et Al.
Elena H. Chartoff
Liwei Lu
Zhiwei Chen
Simon Baker
Neil Savage
Michael Eisenstein
Bianca Nogrady
Benjamin Plackett
Chunman Zuo Et Al.
Chengkuan Chen Et Al.
Yanping Hu Et Al.
Carlo De Michele
Olivier Bock
Ruud Van Der Ent
Pablo E. Saide
Yongjun Wang
Raj Padwal
Kishore Kumar Deepak
Dewen Hu
Anne Giersch
Nam-chul Ha
Julia Fischer
Christian Beste
Ali Torkamani
Ellen V. Rothenberg
Davide Castelvecchi
Lynne Greenwood