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Popular Journalist ListsNo. of Journalists Purchase Spreadsheet
Florida Journalists6608
Fort Worth Journalists5580
Filipino Journalists3007
Financial Journalists2445
Fort Wayne Journalists1285
Farming Journalists1015
Food Journalists977
Feminist Journalists924
France Journalists657
Football Journalists645
Fitness Journalists580
Fintech Journalists475
Financial Advisor Journalists442
Fundraising Journalists417
Fashion Journalists381
Funny Journalists378
Family Travel Journalists363
Food Allergy Journalists335
Fresno Journalists292
Fullerton Journalists291
Faith Journalists273
Financial Planning Journalists268
Fishing Journalists253
Formula One Journalists252
Father Journalists233
Footwear Journalists229
Fort Collins Journalists214
Family Law Journalists159
Fort Lauderdale Journalists157
Frugal Journalists153
Firefighter Journalists145
Family Lifestyle Journalists141
Furniture Journalists137
Fly Fishing Journalists133
Food Science Journalists132
Forex Journalists131
Flower Journalists123
Freelance Journalists114
Flooring Journalists111
French Language Journalists67
Fremont Journalists65
Food Safety Journalists62
Farmhouse Journalists54
Food Travel Journalists42
Forensic Journalists39
Fast Food Journalists27
Fontana Journalists23
Frisco Journalists21
Fayetteville Journalists2
FFXnow Journalists
Fox Business Journalists
Fox News Journalists
Forbes Journalists
Fayetteville Flyer Journalists
Fresno Bee Journalists
Falkirk Herald Journalists
Frederick News Post Journalists
Free Press Journal Journalists
Faro de Vigo Journalists
Florida Today Journalists
Fairbank Daily News-Miner Journalists
Financial Post Journalists
Financial Express Journalists
Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung Journalists
Forward Journalists
France 24 Journalists
Folha de S.Paulo Journalists
Fansided Journalists
Farm and Dairy Journalists
Fort Morgan Times Journalists
Farm Weekly Journalists
Fauquier Journalists
Frankfurter Rundschau Journalists
France Guyane Journalists
Fullerton Observer Journalists
Fiji Times Journalists
Freitag Journalists
Free Lance-Star Journalists